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Building a custom mechanical keyboard

Building a custom keyboard can be a fun hobby and makes it possible to create something you want after your specifications. The hardest part of all of this is sourcing the parts. This will heavily depend on the country you are from. Generally the US have a great selection of high quality parts from local vendors. In the EU you’ll mostly resort to importing from china. Great sources are AliExpress - cheap and broad selection, good source for keycap set clones KBDFans - great to get started, my first keyboard was just build with kbdfans /r/mechmarket - you can find rare or high quality parts on here sometimes The parts A short summary of parts you need:

My story of storing chat logs

A few years ago I was constantly looking for fun side projects. I hadn’t found that one project that could entertain me for long though. Until I started to play with IRC on twitch. IRC itself wasn’t really that common anymore, but an up and coming streaming site named was using IRC to run the chat used by thousands of viewers. I started writing on this bot with simple features like the current time or repeating what I would say if I issue the command to do so.

Why you should think twice about using LastPass

As a small disclaimer: I am a PHP developer in my day job and I love PHP. This is in no way a criticism of PHP. I wanted to start using a password manager, since i’ve heard a lot about them and a lot of good things. The first one coming to my mind was LastPass because I have heard it somewhere on reddit or so before. After creating an account, I wanted to add 2-Factor-Authentication, because losing my LastPass account would equal losing every password of mine.